Find A Grower

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Take Home Notes

  • Purchasing directly from the grower gives you the chance to ask the grower questions about how the food was grown.  You don't get this opportunity in the supermarket.

  • The goal is to find a grower that matches your priorities and your values.

  • Once you find a grower you are comfortable with, consider purchasing in bulk and putting away the harvest for another day either by freezing, canning, or dehydrating.

  • The relationship with your farmer is a wonderful connection that helps you reconnect with your food when you are not in a position to grow it yourself.


If you would like to get on the waiting list to be matched with a Vibrant Soils Certified Grower in your area, please follow this link: Wait List

If you would like to get started finding organic and traditional growers in the United States, please follow this link: Local Harvest

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