Soil Sprouts

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Take Home Notes

  • Soil sprouts are different than micro-greens.  Soil sprouts do not require grow lights.
  • Soil sprouts are more mature than traditional sprouts.  They take in nutrients from the soil.  I use a Vibrant Soil Starter to provide beneficial microorganisms.
  • This is a fantastic solution if you don't own land or would like fresh greens in the winter time.
  • This is fantastic to do with kids and great for emergency preparedness.
  • This method does require sunlight from a window, but at the same time this method requires much less water overall than traditional sprouts.  This method is more forgiving than traditional sprouts.
  • This in not something you can do when traveling on the road.


The resources in this section are to help you get started right away.  If you would like me to help you with the transition to soil sprouting, either through online training / in person workshops / or off site retreats, please use this link: Want More On This Topic?

For do it yourself'ers, here are books and products I personally use and enjoy very much.  For some of these items, I have set up an affiliate relationship.  That means if you put the item in your cart and checkout within 24 hours, you will be helping to fund the mission here at Vibrant Soils.  Thank you for your support! 

Two additional suppliers of seeds that I have had great success with are SproutPeople and High Mowing Seeds.  There is no affiliate relationship with either of these websites at this time.