Do you like gadgets?  This one is great!  If you buy food, this is a great way to figure out how powerful your existing food is.  Sign up for my free guide for nutrient rich food and I'll send you the corresponding food chart to use with this tool.

This approach completely opens up the flavors and variety over traditional sprouts.  This method is called soil sprouts and does not require grow lights.  Fruits and vegetables start to lose their nutrition after they are picked.  Why not step up your game with nutrient rich food grown at home year round!  No land? Snowy climate? No Problem!

In my free nutrient rich food guide, I provide links to the seeds that work best for this approach.


I love this thing! It is so light weight, easy to clean, and works with kale, spinach, parsley, and wild greens.

Level up your food supply by growing your own food indoors.  Harvest soil sprouts at the peak of freshness using these basic supplies to get started.  Oat and wheat grass can be juiced, but other soil sprouts can be used in salads, sandwiches, and rice dishes.  This is an economical way to secure really powerful food.

Fantastic Value !  1 HD film + 10 eBooks

Fantastic Value !  1 HD film + 10 eBooks

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Wild edibles are more likely to be powerful and nutrient rich because they have to rely on nature systems and the ebb and flow between the soil microbiology and the plants that grow there.  Great for the freshest food available and great for when you are on the road traveling.

This includes Winter Edibles, Edible Trees, Edible Grasses, and Poisonous Plants to stay away from!  Amazing Value!