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Take Home Notes

  • If you don't know enough about the soil your food was grown in, you can't possibly know how nutrient rich the end product will be.
  • What I am striving for is food that tastes powerful and IS powerful and it has everything to do with the soil that the food is grown in.
  • If you don't have land there are other strategies like guerrilla gardening.
  • If you do have land, you may need to do some work to prepare the space for your microbiological partners.  Then, to speed things up a bit, you many need to use a soil starter to jump start the system.  I describe it as hosting a party and inviting the guests.  Both parts are needed to convert a cultivated system back into its natural self-sustaining state.


What I specialize in, is creating Vibrant Soils.  So what exactly is a Vibrant Soil?

A Vibrant Soil is an artful balance between soil microorganisms and the plants that grow there.   It is a system that provides for all of the nutritional needs of the plants.  Just as in nature, no one is irrigating, plowing, or fertilizing.  Instead, a living sponge develops and holds the water and nutrients until they are needed.  Nothing is wasted.  Death is immediately cycled back into new life. 

 If you want validation that these biological processes exist, go for a short walk into an abandoned area, preferably a wild area, and roll over that downed log.  Lift up that flat rock.  Pick up the bucket that has been sitting in your yard for far too long.  One time I did this and found a spotted salamander.  Having never seen one before, I literally screeched.  It looked like a real life comic book character and I just could not believe my eyes.

Vibrant Soils are certified via soil samples evaluated under a microscope.  Having met baseline standards, this soil is equipped to provide plants with all of the needed components and results in exceptional food.  In the absence of microscope evaluation, there are outward signs you can look for on your own property.  For example, does the ground yield under your foot as you walk on it?  Do you see white or yellow strands in the soil?  Does a shovel glide in smoothly with little to no effort?  Do you see an abundance of small insects and critters running, flying, or burrowing away from sunlight?  Any earthworms around?  These are some of the outward signs that a food web is established.

I have developed the Vibrant Soils System to streamline the time it takes to transform a cultivated system, heavy on human intervention, into one that can use and benefit from the natural biological processes that sustain our wilderness areas.  Widely used cultivation practices interrupt, disrupt, and sometimes outright destroy those delicate natural biological processes.  So the Vibrant Soils System outlines both what to do and what not to do if the goal is to return to building soil structure and fertility naturally.

I like to describe it as hosting a party and inviting the guests.  It is these two components working together that drastically speeds up implementation time.  What took me 3-4 years to accomplish, I can now achieve in one growing season.  This is possible once you have a firm understanding of what is really going on down there in the soil.

Ready to get started?

If you are a do-it-yourself roll up your sleeves kind of person, take a look these options for creating your own Vibrant Soils.  Please note the release dates as they are timed to get ready for the coming growing season. 

Vibrant Soils Full Service Implementation

If you would like to apply for the Vibrant Soils full service implementation program, please enter your contact information and I will send you an application.

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