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Take Home Notes

  • The foundation of the Vibrant Soil System is that plant roots exude sugars which feed bacteria and this happens with or without soil.  These bacteria, along with plant enzymes, influence your gut health.
  • You can grow sprouts without any land, in the winter time, and some people even grow sprouts when traveling on the road.  This is great for emergency preparedness.
  • This method is FAST.  You can start enjoying nutrient rich food within 24-48 hours.
  • One drawback of this method is that you need to be a person who likes routine, because the sprouts need to be rinsed twice a day.
  • Another drawback is that sprouts requires a large amount of fresh clean water.
  • I use wide mouth glass mason jars with matching metal screens by my kitchen sink for personal use.
  • For the last 3 or 4 years, I have used a bucket system to sprout oats and sunflower seeds for my ducks and turkeys.
  • This method scales very well.
Here is a picture of the sprouts I feed my animals every day.

Here is a picture of the sprouts I feed my animals every day.


The resources in this section are to help you get started right away.  If you would like me to help you with the transition to sprouting, either through online training / in person workshops / or off site retreats, please use this link: Want More On This Topic?

For do it yourself'ers, here are books and products I personally use and enjoy very much.  For some of these items, I have set up an affiliate relationship.  That means if you put the item in your cart and checkout within 24 hours, you will be helping to fund the mission here at Vibrant Soils.  Thank you for your support! 

Two additional suppliers of seeds that I have had great success with are SproutPeople and High Mowing Seeds.  There is no affiliate relationship with either of these websites at this time.

My Number One Go To Book

If my house was on fire, this is the one book I would grab as I was running out the door.  This is the BEST book.  Order it direct from the author who lives in Australia by clicking on the book image.

Click on book image to order from the author.

Click on book image to order from the author.


Sprouting Screen
Down To Earth Distributors

Bulk Grains

I feed my animals oats and sunflower sprouts that I sprout from 50lb grain bags from the local animal feed store.  That is your best bet for sprouting large batches for animal feed.  I am including some products here in case you don't live near a feed store.  It is my understanding that the products below are for human consumption and as a result cost much more.  With these larger volumes, you will need to protect your investment from rodents.  I use a large metal trash can with a tight fitting lid.